What are the barriers that prevent your business from learning faster?
Are you developing unique capabilities that will differentiate your business?
Will your business growth come from executing faster - or from adapting and learning?

What Do I Do?

I benchmark, refocus and reinvent how transforming businesses enable learning

Can your business learn fast enough to achieve its goals?

I can help if you...

Are a transforming organisation that needs to learn faster – to adapt and to capitalise on new opportunities

Need to develop new capabilities and cultures that will accelerate growth and results

Need a learning climate that enables people to speak up, ask questions and share ideas 

Lack clear alignment between your business priorities and your investments in learning

Aren’t seeing the performance change you need from your current learning strategy

Recognise that your business strategy, people strategy and learning strategy are currently ‘out of sync’

Lack a differentiating strategy for learning that creates a competitive advantage for your business

Recognise that now is the time to invest in your learning strategy – for new results


Why is this important now?

Leading organisations recognise that learning needs to play a more influential role

Complex customer challenges, disrupted business models and rising employee expectations mean organisations must learn if they are to differentiate and grow. 

In most organisations ‘learning’ still means ‘training’ in all its guises. This approach is reactive, separated from ‘real work’ and based on the 20th century business principles of control, compliance and ‘competence’. 

The new opportunity? – aligning the organisation to develop the 21st century capabilities of adaptability, connection and speed for a complex business world. Sustainable organisations create the climate and the infrastructure for people to continually learn, share and contribute to new results. 

Ambitious organisations recognise the need for a fundamental change in the way they prioritise, enable and accelerate learning – but are unsure how to ‘reset’ in practice.

Is this a risk for your organisation?

Paul challenged my thinking around L&D; to look at learning as a strategic driver for businesses, to see yourself as an L&D professional who partners, consults and delivers for stakeholders and the business through learning and inspiration. Paul brings an inspirational, innovative and personable approach that rubs off on all those around him.”

- Gavin Sutton, Head of Learning & Development at Ogilvy UK

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"Over the past year Paul has worked with my colleagues and me on a Value-Based L&D improvement project for a major global company. His deep expertise and experience are clear. Paul is a consummate learning and performance professional."

- Charles Jennings, Partner at Tulser / 70:20:10 Institute

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