How are you measuring the success of your learning strategy?
Why do you think your learning culture problem persists?
What new business results do you need to see?

Set the ambition and foundations for learning in your organisation.

I’m Paul Jocelyn, a corporate learning strategy specialist. I help transforming businesses to change faster through promoting, enabling and embedding learning. 

Looking forward there are huge opportunities for your business, but your approach to learning can be a barrier. To capitalise, your organisation will need to be better at learning new things than at perfectly executing on what you already know.   

Every business wants a “learning culture” but this culture gap is a symptom. Organisations built on control struggle with the shift to continual learning. This needs people to be curious, ask more questions and feel safe to try new things. 

Your learning strategy needs to create this environment – otherwise your best people will take their ideas and potential elsewhere. 

 Four ways I can help:  

  • Review your current learning strategy and make recommendations
  • Help you set a new learning strategy for your business
  • Build a completely new learning ‘operating model’ 
  • Work with you to reshape your L&D team for now and the future 

As a consultant and advisor I’ve worked with Atalian Servest, Capgemini, Coty, Dyson, Fortnum & Mason, Kwik-Fit, Lidl UK, Nomad Foods, Ricoh, Samsung, Specsavers, Tesco and VolkerWessels to rethink and reset their learning strategy.

Spoiler alert!

Many leaders are completely blind to the need for learning transformation. They have no frame to imagine how it might be any other way and don’t even know what to ask about. 

If you don’t see the opportunities in joining up your strategy for growth and the capabilities you’ll need to achieve it

If you just want to make your current training programmes “better” or “more digital”

If the future of your business still depends on ‘command and control’

If you’re happy to contract out ‘learning’ to the L&D team

Then I’m not someone you’ll benefit from working with.

Still in? Then read on!

I'd highly recommend Paul to help L&D leaders articulate their strategy in this ever changing environment. My team and I were always left energised by a conversation with Paul in this space. Prepare to have your thinking stretched!

- Holly Hurkett, Head of Retail Learning & Development at Specsavers

I can help if...

Your organisation needs a new ‘learning culture’

Your teams need to adapt, innovate and solve new problems

Your people have high expectations of learning with you

Your business and learning strategies need to be ‘in sync’

‘Working’ and ‘learning’ are treated as separate things

When your business says ‘learning‘ it still means ‘training

Your leaders struggle to role model and support learning 

Read my blogs on building a new learning strategy

"Paul challenged my thinking around L&D; to look at learning as a strategic driver for businesses, to see yourself as an L&D professional who partners, consults and delivers for the business through learning and inspiration. Paul brings an inspirational, innovative and personable approach that rubs off on all those around him."

- Gavin Sutton, Head of Learning & Development at Ogilvy UK

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