20 Questions to help define a new organisational learning strategy

What is the impact of successfully delivering your L&D strategy (and not) for the success of your organisation?

How does our organisation uniquely create value in its chosen market?

Is learning a strategic driver in the business?

What is the new level of performance needed in this team – and why?

How could the collective power of the entire organisation be harnessed? Is this a priority?

How much of the value created by your organisation is from known, stable work? (Will this change?)

Where is there “routine” work?

Where are there “complex operations”?

Which challenges need “innovation operations”?

Are the big challenges for your organisation: technical ? or adaptive ? (or both)?

How much time and resources are currently invested in: New questions? New possibilities?

Which “capabilities” enable our organisation to do what it does better than anyone else?

What are the features of ‘future readiness’ for your organisation?

What kind of learning environment can support the development of these capabilities?

What are the “performance” expectations of leaders and workers to contribute to this?

How can L&D help leaders to develop the conditions that enable the right kind of learning environment?

How do the team shift the learning proposition from service delivery of ‘knowledge transfer’ to uniquely solving employees’ pain points?

What are the current problems for employees and managers that need to be solved and why?

Where do teams find new thought leadership to maximise their potential to contribute to other challenges?

How could the knowledge and experiences of your community of experts be leveraged?

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