3 key opportunities for Learning and Development leaders in 2021

Three key opportunities for L&D leaders in 2021:

Re-positioning ‘L&D’ as an organisational priority

Connecting insights and foresight to sharpen leaders’ focus and prioritisation

Developing new commitment and engagement with and from leaders

Aligning ‘learning’ directly to business strategy and the ability to compete in complexity

Linking the value of ‘learning’ to organisational development and culture change

Helping the whole organisation to take responsibility for continual learning.

Becoming more confident in the commercial context

Understanding the commercial context within which the organisation seeks to create value

Understanding and connecting brand and business goals – and the trade offs being made

Understanding the business model, the organisational model and the management model

Understanding and agreeing the points of genuine differentiation versus competitors

Understanding the drivers of profitability and the trade offs being made.

Taking on new responsibility and role modelling

Collaborating to develop a new, more relevant, ‘L&D’ team mandate, vision and strategy

Helping the organisation to connect to its new, more complex, environment

Defining, enabling and accelerating the practical characteristics of ‘a culture of continual learning’

Helping to shift mindsets beyond (just) formal learning approaches

Seeding, role modelling and enabling more psychological safety in the organisation

Seeding, role modelling and enabling an increasingly ‘growth mindset’ in the organisation

Enabling and supporting ‘senior leaders’ to reflect more and to develop new capability.

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