Is your L&D function playing on ‘defence’ or ‘offence?

Three reflections on my experience of annual L&D investment planning:

1. Most corporate learning strategies are built around control and looking backwards

2. L&D leaders rarely (if ever) describe the trade offs they are making when deciding on an investment plan

3. Even in ‘sophisticated’ organisations most learning strategies are a collection of to-do lists

Two questions to help you reflect on whether your L&D function is playing on ‘defence’ or ‘offence’:

1. How much of your L&D investment is currently driven by?

– The business reacting to external events?

– Cost reduction initiatives?

– Digitisation of existing business processes?

– ‘Standardisation’ projects?

– Compliance audit risks?

2. What proportion of your L&D priorities are enabled through these strategy choices?

– Standardising fixed skills for individual roles?

– Ensuring consistency and consolidation of learning programmes?

– Digitising ‘learning solutions’?

– Scaling access to ‘learning content’?

– Optimising and tracking ‘learning content’ ‘engagement’ and consumption?

How do these questions help you to reflect on what currently drives your L&D goals and enabling strategies?

(And – is L&D on ‘defence’ or ‘offence’ in your organisation?)

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