Learning Strategy Diagnostic & Action Planning Report

Laser focused insights on your current learning strategy - enabling you to invest in a targeted and measurable way

My Learning Strategy Diagnostic enables you to review your learning strategy as a ‘connected system’ – to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvement and investment. This is an introductory service designed to quickly uncover opportunities to improve the impact of your learning strategy.   

The collaborative process reviews the current ambition, impact and effectiveness of your ‘end to end’ learning strategy across nine Enabling Capabilities:

1. The role of learning and current learning culture
What’s the current role and priority for ‘learning’ in the organisation? Is the learning vision and strategy reinforcing the current culture – or actively enabling change?

2. Alignment to business planning and prioritisation
How effective is your planning and review cycle? Are the right people involved and engaged? Is the current approach to allocating investments in learning demonstrating performance impacts? Is the prioritisation process focused on future capability needs – to enable the business to evolve grow?

3. Defining and measuring the ‘value add’ from learning investments
How effectively do ‘L&D’ success measures align to your organisational goals and strategy? How are you linking investments to a shift in business performance? Are success measures still based around ‘training attendance and completion’? Are ‘learning’ goals still being prioritised over ‘work performance’ goals?

Learning Strategy Diagnostic

4. Your learning enablement model – how and where learning is happening
Are the strategies and tactics being employed consistent with organisational goals and priorities?
How effectively are learning technology tools employed? 
How strong are internal and external networks? How is the success of these partnerships currently measured?

5. Quality management
How well are the L&D and HR functions ensuring and measuring continuous improvement in everything they do?

6. L&D funding model
How effectively is the financial investment model aligned to performance improvement and organisational change? What criteria is used to allocate and prioritise funding choices? How robust are the procurement processes?

7. Engagement with the organisation
How effectively are business leaders enrolled and actively engaged? Are the L&D and HR functions operating as ‘trusted partners’ across the whole organisation? Are engagement goals going beyond driving ‘programme awareness’?

8. Governance model
How effective is the current model? Who is involved? What are the key success measures?

9. L&D / HR team professional development
Are the L&D / HR teams role modelling the ambition and approach they seek for the rest of the organisation?

Action Planning Report

The Learning Strategy Diagnostic provides you with actionable insights that enable you to invest in your learning strategy in a targeted and measurable way

The focused Action Planning Report includes:

● My independent summary of your current learning strategy and L&D operation – measured against the nine enabling Capabilities
● The current ‘Challenges & New Opportunities’ for your learning strategy
● My initial Recommendations – to move the learning strategy forward

Fixed price service – £2950

"We found Paul a creative thinking partner who provided lots of useful insight, best practice and helped us fully explore what's possible. Paul has a relaxed, engaging style and is incredibly passionate about what he does- he left us feeling fully energised about our next steps."

- Sarah Sturton, HR Leader at Nomad Foods

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