L&D – You get what you measure

It’s a truism that you get what you measure in a team or a business. When L&D acts as just an optional support function, it’s “success measures” include:

  • Number of participant days
  • Number of courses / new courses per year Course rating evaluations
  • Number of ‘visits’ to ‘it’s’ ‘platforms’
  • Number of ‘logins’ and ‘page views’
  • Number of ‘training days’ invested per employee Average investment cost per ‘learning resource’ Average ‘training investment’ cost per employee

These measures reinforce a primary role to serve only speed to compliance and control over training.

When L&D chooses to lead the culture and capability to solve problems in an organisation, it’s value could be measured by:

  • The alignment of business goals and performance expectations in the organisation
  • How deeply the L&D team is embedded across the organisation
  • Their contributions to progress on the business strategy
  • Degree to which L&D actively contribute to operational change
  • The number of valued relationships
  • The level of trust in the work of L&D
  • The level of enrolment in a continuous learning culture by managers and teams
  • Degree to which individual or group performance improves as a result of working with L&D
  • Ease with which information moves across teams
  • Evidence of shrinking silos across the organisation
  • Degree of willingness in the organisation to look outside itself for ideas

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