The human stuff is the basis of ‘digital learning transformations’.

The human stuff is the basis of ‘digital learning transformations’. The technology platforms are secondary. They work best when:

They help to simplify or speed up what people have always done while working; (research / answer questions / share / store)

They enable people to work in new ways that they have learned are more efficient and effective;
(cooperatively / ‘out loud’ / across different teams)

A ‘digital mindset’ for businesses could include these ideas:

Constant change is inescapable – so it’s curiosity and adaptability that create value in work teams

New possibilities and solutions come from connecting many sources of information

People can take responsibility for solving work problems Failing fast is helpful

Creating wide and diverse networks of expertise and experience is crucial

Customer (‘end user’) centricity keeps everyone better aligned Silos don’t help
Flatter, less hierarchical teams move ideas and solutions faster

L&D teams can help create and accelerate these features of adaptable learning organisations.

This is important because in many organisations the conditions for continuous learning aren’t clearly defined, prioritised and nurtured. This, is not a ‘Learning Technology’ challenge.

Digital technologies can definitely help to enable the cultural features listed above. But in my experience technology alone rarely helps if organisations can’t agree on the human stuff.

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