The ‘Art’ and the ‘Science’ of L&D

There are two different conversations in what continues to be called ‘L&D’. I don’t believe one is any more right than the other. I do believe that they need to happen in the right order:

The ‘Art’ of L&D

L&D teams working alongside the organisations’ leadership team to agree:

How work gets done today and what needs to be different in the future for the organisation to prosper

The environment needed to create this way work of working; (the stop, start, continues)

If compliance and efficiency are important? (because this organisation will thrive through it’s processes)

If new ideas and practices are important? (because this organisation will thrive through it’s adaptability and innovation)

If sharing knowledge and experience quickly and openly is a priority? What is meant by ‘high performance’ for individuals and teams?
How high performance will be measured and rewarded?
How low in the organisations’ hierarchy decisions can be made?

All of which will inform and guide the ‘Science’ of L&D. It’s strategy and its tactics. Where and with who L&D puts it’s time, effort, focus and resources.

(Risky to try to work the other way round and hope that the organisation will simply follow the L&D team’s lead…).

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