Learning and Development leaders could choose to change the system which holds them back

The world now seems to be changing faster than many would have thought possible. Ideas around ‘leadership‘, ‘the future of work‘, ‘purpose‘, ‘connection‘, ‘activism‘ and ‘change‘ all have renewed resonance and urgency.

Against this dynamic backdrop, the work of “corporate learning” often seems like a relic of the industrial era. An outdated model – a small cog in the ‘old system’.

Learning leaders can also choose to start to change – by influencing the management system within which they operate, otherwise the cycle of “doing the wrong things righter” will persist.

A powerful starting point for Learning and Development leaders can to change they way they describe the ambition, intent, focusand contribution of their work:

We help people to connect, participate and take more responsibility for the future of the organisation 

We enable and accelerate agency and self-determination across the organisation 

We facilitate discovery

We energise people, focus them and help them to succeed 

We lead on the culture and capability needed to solve new challenges

We help to build an organisation where everyone can contribute their gifts to a community 

We are breaking down barriers, accelerating collaboration at scale and giving people the freedom to create previously unseen opportunities

We are helping the organisation connect to its new context

We are actively helping the organisation to shift from just “problem and solution” thinking

We are enabling people to become active contributors to the future of their organisation

We help good ideas to move faster 

We enable, accelerate and share new connections and conversations

We are helping to create the conditions for more new and better questions

We are identifying and accelerating the most valuable and differentiating capabilities and thinking from inside and outside the organisation 

We are helping to build the bridge between aspiration and opportunity

We are actively helping to change the current management model that is now holding the organisation back…

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