Limiting beliefs in corporate Learning and Development teams

20 limiting beliefs in corporate Learning and Development functions:

“We don’t have permission to change the organisation.”

“Our work is way downstream of ‘Business Strategy’.”

“Learning design standards will compensate for a lack of explicit learning strategy.”

“‘Solutions‘ are always the answer.”

“We are judged on our tactics.”

“‘Business as usual’ is a success measure.”

“Learning technologies will change the status of the L&D function.”

“We are an information delivery function.”

“We need certainty in order to make progress.”

“We need to give people what they want.”

“We don’t have a ‘learning culture‘ here.”

“Individual performance improvement is the priority.”

“‘High performance‘ means people who comply well.”

“The content is our learning strategy.”

“Everybody understands our role.”

“We’re always the last to know…”

“Providing access to resources is the main goal.”

“Our “learners” need teaching.”

“If more people knew about our ‘learning offer’ everything would be different around here.”

“We just need to make the training better…”

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