Define your organisational learning strategy.

A new organisational learning strategy that enables new business results.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought organisational learning strategy into sharp focus for many organisations. Despite this, ‘strategy’ is still a tricky word in the context of organisational learning. When organisations say ‘our strategy‘ they often describe tactics – the ‘tools’ and ‘solutions’ they’re choosing to employ.

Some definitions of ‘strategy’ that can help us to get aligned:

  • Strategy explains the world as it works know and imagines a different future
  • Strategy is the path you’re planning to follow to achieve your new goals
  • Strategy defines a clear set of choices and defines what is and what isn’t going to be done

Your organisational learning strategy has to be explicit in order to get other people in the organisation to do something new. It also needs to be connected, coherent and cohesive – as part of your overall approach to deliberate organisational development. 

My collaborative process guides you to define, develop and document your organisational learning strategy.

We'll develop your organisational learning strategy using insights and data points

Your corporate ‘Values’ statements
How your ‘Values’ are demonstrated and enabled through your learning strategy.

Your business value proposition
How your learning strategy accelerates the unique way your business serves its target audience – now and looking forward.

Your business goals
How learning facilitates the performance needed to achieve your goals.

Your business ‘Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
How the learning strategy aligns to business KPIs not ‘learning KPIs’.

Your ‘Business Transformation’ agenda (if applicable)
How the ‘future fit’ learning strategy enables and aligns with ‘Business Transformation’.

Your ‘People Strategy’

How the learning strategy accelerates Talent, Engagement, Diversity, Leadership capability, Re-skilling and Succession Planning agendas.

Your ‘Performance Management’ process
How the learning strategy provides the environment and the opportunities for everyone to learn from, through and at work. 

The Organisational learning strategy service delivers:

● A clearly documented, organisational learning strategy aligned to your business and people goals.

Fixed price service – £7950

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