Typical outcomes from investing in a new, connected approach to organisational learning:

For your business –

To be an enabler and accelerator for your Company’s ‘mission’ and values. Learning is recognised as critical to increasing readiness for change, increasing knowledge sharing and improving team working

Learning connects and accelerates the business strategy, business priorities and performance goals. An aspirational strategy that moves learning from apart from ‘real work’ to embedded in work

Articulating what ‘learning culture’ means in practice for your organisation, its leaders and employees. How the characteristics of ‘learning organisations’ can be understood, prioritised, developed and led in the context of your business

Focused on enabling and accelerating tangible performance and culture change in the organisation. Moving from creating ‘training programs’ to building platforms for learning. Moving from a focus on managing and tracking ‘events’ to supporting work and results

Building shared understanding, engagement and ownership for better learning and better work – at all levels of the organisation

Moving the Learning and Development team away from the traditional ‘training order taker’ role towards enabling and facilitating solving business challenges

Supporting the organisation to become ‘future ready’ – balancing focus between proven skills for today and the emerging capability needed looking forward

As leaders and enablers of the new learning goals, strategy and tactics. Developing business partners who lead by example – and actively help to change the culture

Outcomes for you as a Learning and Development leader:

I advise and support Learning and Development leaders, helping them to refocus their efforts and fulfil their potential. This focused investment can add immediate value through:

I bring structure, challenge and prioritisation to the critical work of developing your new organisational learning goals and success measures

I facilitate you to define and prioritise the role of ‘learning’ in your organisation and how you and your L&D function create real business value. I challenge you to agree your ‘anti-strategy’ – what you will stop doing and why

I provide new insights, approaches, examples, ideas and case studies which help you to make informed decisions more efficiently

I support you to understand how your learning goals and strategy support both current business priorities and your organisations’ ‘future readiness’. I enable you to understand the opportunities, challenges and trade-offs associated with your choices of learning strategy and tactics

I can co-create and, validate new business plans and processes – that move your L&D function and your organisation towards their goals

I ensure that you invest more strategically – in the learning provider partnerships, tools and technologies that align with your goals now and looking forward

Paul has been working with us on our strategic path towards increasing the value add of retail training to commercial business performance. He has challenged and supported us in equal measure, asking some amazing questions that have disrupted our thinking and set us on a new trajectory. He's a great facilitator and coach, and I would highly recommend him.”

- Holly Hurkett, Head of Retail Learning & Development at Specsavers UK

"Paul understands 'L&D' as well as anyone I've ever met and has a really clear and progressive perspective. I'd recommend Paul to anyone looking to transform their L&D strategy and offering."

- James Powys, High Performing Teams Facilitator & Transition Coach

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