The L&D function needs to move on from ‘reacting’ and ‘responding’

There are three ways in which Learning and Development leaders can choose to position their work:


Move existing training solutions ‘online’. Continue to focus on access and consumption.


‘Take orders’ for new ‘solutions’ and ‘content’ on a new range of topics; (resilience, home working, ‘remote’ leadership, time management, ‘productivity’). Continue to focus on access and consumption.



Understanding the new challenges being faced by the organisation – and the new capabilities required to move forward

Deciding and communicating what the Learning and Development team will now stop doing – and why

Identifying new ways to increase the capacity to solve new customer challenges

Enabling new ways for individuals and teams to connect and share their experience, ideas and opportunities

Facilitating new ways for people’s most useful and helpful work to become more visible to everyone

Helping to (re) define what the organisation now means by “great performance” and “great performer”

Supporting team managers to find ways to avoid following every ‘standard process’ ‘remotely’

Accelerating new ways to encourage individual and team reflection

Narrating what the organisation now means by “learning” at this time; (beyond “training”).

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