The work of corporate Learning and Development should disrupt the organisation

The old-world vulnerabilities in organisations have become clearer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Years of self-serving leadership, poor management, silo’ed thinking, short term-ism and incoherent investment in people have contributed to undifferentiated businesses and brands which lack the capability to inspire and adapt. 

And so, the new leadership opportunity for an L&D function is to actively disrupt the status quo:

Disrupt the current organisational ‘collective mindset’:

If the collective mindset of the business is still based around control – with consistency, familiarity and standardisation as the overriding goals – this is now (in fact) a threat to the future of the organisation… 

The new focus of the L&D function should be to help define, enable and accelerate an alternative perspective – with empathy and adaptability as the new shared goals.

Disrupt the current organisational model:

If the organisational model still relies on competitive silos, rewarding individual over team performance and / or any form of “matrix” driven, “performance sorting”…

The new priority of the L&D function should be to inspire a more ambitious, sustainable and ‘human’ alternative.

Disrupt the current organisational Management model:

If people are reduced to the status of “human resources” – only there to be assigned to a set of fixed roles and to operate through a a set of resources to perform a set of fixed tasks… 

The L&D function should be accelerating new ways to unlock the ideas and reflections of every individual – regardless of their ‘level’ in the hierarchy.

Otherwise the L&D function is complicit in serving the status quo – and all those who currently benefit from it.

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