What I Do

I help businesses to think about business strategy, capability and culture in a connected way.

I work as an advisor and thinking partner to mid sized, value oriented companies facing significant change. I help your leaders to make clearer choices by approaching your business model, capability gaps, learning strategy and work culture as a connected, organisational development ‘system’. 

These elements now need to be deliberately and consistently interlinked as the old industrial management approaches fall short for businesses and the people in them.

I only work across these four connected areas:

1. Diagnosing the current organisational development strategy – Helping leaders to align narratives, strategy and priorities into a coherent and cohesive organisational development approach

2. Defining a new vision, strategy and success measures for organisational learning – Helping to reposition investment in continual learning as the enabler and accelerator for organisational development goals

3. Creating a new organisational learning operating model –  Helping to create a more strategic and cohesive approach to organisational learning. Creating the right environment and the opportunities for people to increase their contribution and performance

4. Enabling a refocused, future-fit HR / Capability / ‘L&D’ function – Enabling the function to think and operate in a more strategic, collaborative, and future-focused way, connecting their contribution to the deliberate development of the organisation.

Re-framing your organisational learning ambition and goals

Defining a new shared vision for organisational learning – positioned as an ‘enabler’ for sustainable change and business growth.

Connecting your approach to business learning to the context and environment the organisation is now operating in. These conditions will guide the priorities and success measures of your organisational learning strategy

Shifting the focus from ‘courses and content‘ towards developing the conditions and capabilities that enable and challenge people to perform now and adapt in future


Paul is an erudite, articulate learning leader with a unique capacity to demystify the complex. His business acumen, coupled with his undoubted expertise in the field of learning and performance provides those he works with with the opportunity to truly develop, improve and focus.

- Edmund Monk, CEO at The Learning & Performance Institute

Putting your new organisational learning strategy into action

New tactics that develop a continuous learning environment 

New tactics that expose your people to new learning opportunities

New tactics that provide experiences for your people to build confidence and new connections

Rallying leaders to take new accountability as role models 

Refocus your Capability / Learning and Development team

Developing a more strategic, collaborative, business focused L&D function

Defining the new L&D team skill sets and mind set now needed to inspire, enable and accelerate performance change

Aligning the resources, tools and partnerships needed to enable you to achieve your new learning goals


"I've found Paul an invaluable source of expertise when setting strategy or forward planning and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his excellent consulting practise."

- Rob Peacock, Head of Learning & Development at Samsung Electronics

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