What the organisation needs to agree – before you can reinvent the L&D function

What the organisation needs to agree – before you can reinvent the L&D function:

1. What’s our market context? Is this changing? If so – why?

2. As a business how are we specifically going to differentiate?

3. Is our business model based on increasing optimisation and efficiency?

4. How much of the value we crate for customers comes from known, established work and process? Will this change as we look forward?

5. Is our future success dependant on enabling people to execute standardised, repeatable processes?

6. What are the features of ‘future readiness’ for this business? (e.g. beliefs, mindset, capabilities, culture(s)) 

7. How much time and resources will we need to invest in identifying new opportunities and new possibilities?

8. How fast is our expectation and definition of a “high performer” changing?

9. Where do we need to learn faster? Why?

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