What I Do

What I Do

I benchmark, refocus and reinvent how transforming businesses enable learning

As a consultant and advisor, I partner with organisations to realign the focus and strategic impact of learning – by developing new, connected capabilities:

A compelling vision and strategy for organisational learningas the accelerator for your business goals and values

enabled and executed by

A dynamic new learning ‘operating model’aligned to your business strategy and market context

inspired and facilitated by 

A refocused, future-fit L&D teamequipped to grow your organisational capability for now and looking forward


What I Do – Redefine your vision for learning

I challenge you to reset your learning goals and ambition

By defining a new shared vision for ‘learning’ – as an enabler and accelerator for organisational goals and values

By connecting learning to the context and environment within which the organisation is now operating – to guide the new priorities and success measures of the learning strategy and L&D function

By shifting focus from just ‘courses and content’ – towards developing the conditions and capabilities that enable people to perform now and adapt to a complex future with new opportunities

Paul is an erudite, articulate learning leader with a unique capacity to demystify the complex. His business acumen, coupled with his undoubted expertise in the field of learning and performance provides those he works with with the opportunity to truly develop, improve and focus.

- Edmund Monk, CEO at The Learning & Performance Institute

What I Do – Align and develop your new learning ‘operating model’ 

I support you to realise your vision through aligned learning strategies and tactics

New approaches that enable and accelerate developing a continuous learning environment 

New approaches that facilitate exposure to new learning opportunities – for individuals and teams

New approaches that provide experiences that build new confidence and connections – for individuals and teams

Engaging and supporting leaders at all levels to develop accountability as ‘learning role models’ 

What I Do – Define & develop your future-fit L&D function

I enable you to refocus your Learning and Development team

By defining and developing the capabilities and success measures of a strategic, collaborative, business focused L&D function

By defining the specific L&D team skill sets and mind set now needed – to enable and accelerate performance change with the organisation 

By defining and aligning the resources, tools and partnerships needed to enable you to achieve your new organisational learning goals

"I've found Paul an invaluable source of expertise when setting strategy or forward planning and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his excellent consulting practise."

- Rob Peacock, Head of Learning & Development at Samsung Electronics

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