What you might mean when you say “learning culture”

What you might mean when you say “learning culture“:

“We have a catalogue of training courses.”

“We provide a wide range of ‘learning resources‘.”

“We have centralised our ‘learning offer‘ on a technology platform.”

“We are committed to helping more people consume more of our ‘learning content‘.”

“We have defined what we need people to know – in order to ‘execute’ in their role.”

“We provide the ‘learning solutions‘ to our ‘business problems‘.”

“We have a structured process to validate and prioritise requests for interventions.”

“We have a consistent and standardised approach to instructional design.”

“Managers are clear on where to direct their team members for support with ‘learning’.”

“We measure access to, consumption of and satisfaction with our learning provision.”

Some of these? None of these? What do you mean?

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