Your Learning and Development strategy is perfectly designed to give you what you get today

The new role of ‘Learning and Development’ is to help the organisation to connect with its new “living with COVID” context. This ambition helps to deliberately re-position the work of Learning and Development beyond that of a ‘content delivery team’.

These three questions can help to re-frame and elevate the focus and contribution of Learning and Development, around:

The organisations’ business model – now and looking forward

The competitive context within which the organisation is now operating

The new definitions of ‘performance‘ now needed – to build a differentiated business

The different types of work within the organisation – that create value now and looking forward

Q1. How stable (and differentiating) is our current business model? Will this change?

Is the organisation deliberately aligning around the advantages of improving its existing processes?

Does the organisation now need to become more adaptable – to respond more effectively to new and emerging challenges and opportunities?

Or both?

Q2. Will the organisation create value through individual or team performance?

Will we create new value through improving individual performance in specific role and with specific skills?

Will we create new value by improving the capability and capacity of connected teams across the organisation?

Or both?

Q3. What different types of work will support our business model? Will this change?

Routine‘ work? – executing and improving through existing processes

Complex‘ work? – a combination of routines and real time prioritising and decision making

Innovation‘ work – deliberately investing in new thinking, developing a new future that creates new value for the organisation

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